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Retail Sales Associate

In a retail sales situation, satisfying every customer can be difficult, but there are proven methods and skills you can learn to maximize their satisfaction and increase the sales. One key principle is simply to be there when needed and offer assistance as required.

We SATE ACADEMY in-associated with Additional Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP), Govt. of Kerala offered “Retail Sales Associate Training”. This Course will provides you with an understanding and skills development in how to better engage with customers, how to control the sales process, how to identify upselling / cross-selling opportunities, learn basic sales psychology, how to conduct basic needs analysis and much more.

This course is aimed at people who are currently working or who would like to enter into the retail sector and its designed to help retail sales professionals sell more and discount less, how to deal with difficult customers and professionally handle every sale and maximize every opportunity

Retail has long been one of the most competitive sales environments in India and the competition only continues to increase. Therefore, it is vital for all retailers to have their retail sales staff professionally trained, so everyone is on the same page with product knowledge, identifying upselling / cross-selling opportunities and providing quality customer service.

By providing your retail sales staff with these crucial skills, they will gain the confidence to professionally manage, control and close more retail sales, as well as contributing to the overall customer experience, which can give your organisations a true competitive edge in this fast moving business and better efficiency of manpower.

  • The course uses a mix of interactive techniques such as videos, brief presentations by the trainer and the participants, group workshops and case studies, self-assessment tools and relevant templates;
  • We provide realistic training on sale with billing software, barcode scanners etc.,
  • Course duration will be 07 days;